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lampu banjir solar 120w

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Power(W) 120W Specification polycrystalline silicon,10v35w electro-discharge 8-12H   Lithium iron phosphate,40000MAH  Lighting area 270㎡  battery charging 5-7H Intelligent remote control  floodlighting Product size(mm) Solar panel:360*580 Lamp body:335*295 Material Oxidation resistant die-casting aluminum+Polycrystalline solar panel control mode light-operated(The lamp attomatically turns on after sunset ,and off when sunrise.) light control+time control number of hours...

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    Power (W) 120W
    Keterangan polycrystalline silicon, 10v35w panitahan-discharge 8-12H Lithium wesi fosfat, 40000MAH Lighting area 270㎡ ngisi baterei 5-7H Intelligent floodlighting remot kontrol
    ukuran Product (mm) solar: 360 * 580
    Lamp awak: 335 * 295
    Material Oksidasi tahan aluminium die-casting + Polycrystalline solar
    mode kontrol cahya dilakokno (lamp The attomatically dadi sawise sunset, lan mati nalika sunrise.)
    kontrol cahya + wektu sawetara kontrol jam (remot ngalih)
    udan 2-3 dina udan serep

     SD (1)SD (2)SD (3)SD (4)SD (5)SD (6)

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